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Welcome to School Network Online Campus Global Education Cooperation.
Greetings from Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE). I am very much pleased to greet you on behalf of IACE as the chairperson. I would like to warmly welcome you visiting the ASNet Online Campus for Global Education Cooperation. Owing to advancement of technologies, Globalization has been accelerated, resulting in a hyper-connected society. The smaller world requires future talents with high awareness of global issues for the sustainable planet, collaborative skills and with inclusiveness for diversity. In responses to requirements from the ever fast-changing society, players in the field of education start to seek for opportunities for global education cooperation. That is because they believe that participating in it enhances above-mentioned competencies of their students’. In addition, a quick shift in paradigm of English education is related to global education cooperation for the reason that it provides environments where English leaders are naturally exposed to practicing English. The online platform, ASNet Online Campus, is designed and established to meet needs and wants of education fields for education globalization in APEC region. Main functions of the Campus represented by School Database, Project Database, Archived information would promote active cooperation between APEC member economies, making a sustainable and effective ecosystem for global education cooperation. The tougher and more complicated a situation, the simpler a solution: we stay together and overcome together. I hope ASNet Online Campus would be a hub for global education cooperation in which we all could enjoy the benefits of it. Prof. Dong Sun Park Chairperson Institute of APEC Collaborative Education