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Privacy Policy

4. Rights and obligations of the information subject and legal representative and how to exercise the user as a personal information subject, the user can exercise the following rights.


The data subject may exercise the right to access, correct, delete, or stop processing personal information at any time with the APEC International Education Cooperation Agency.


The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 may be made to the APEC International Education Cooperation Agency through writing, e-mail, fax, etc. in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act. ) We will take action without delay.


The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 can be done through the legal representative of the information subject or through an agent such as a person who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in accordance with the form of Attachment 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act.


The rights of the information subject may be restricted according to Article 35 (5) and Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act for requests to view and stop processing personal information.


Request for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested if the personal information is specified as the object of collection in other laws.


APEC International Education Cooperation Agency verifies whether the person who made the request for access according to the rights of the information subject, request for correction or deletion, and request for access to the request for suspension of processing, etc.
5. Create items of personal information to be processed<APEC International Education Cooperation Agency> ('https://asnet.alcob.org' hereinafter'ALCoB School Network') handles the following personal information items. <Homepage membership registration and management> Required items: email, mobile phone number, home address, password question and answer, password, login ID, gender, name, company phone number, position, department, company name, occupation, service use record, access log, cookie, access IP Information, nationality, nickname


-Optional items: 6. Destruction of personal information <APEC International Education Cooperation Agency> ('ALCoB School Network') in principle destroys personal information without delay when the purpose of processing personal information is achieved. The procedure, deadline and method of destruction are as follows.

-Destruction procedure

The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB (separate documents in the case of paper) after the purpose is achieved, and is stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policies and other related laws. At this time, the personal information transferred to the DB is not used for other purposes unless it is required by law.

-Destruction period

When the personal information of the user has elapsed, within 5 days from the end of the retention period, when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as achievement of the purpose of processing personal information, abolition of the service, termination of business, etc. The personal information will be destroyed within 5 days from the date it is recognized as unnecessary to process.

-How to destroyInformation in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.7. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices APEC International Education Cooperation Agency uses ‘cookies’ that store and retrieve usage information from time to time to provide personalized services.