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-- UPDATE (April 2, 2021) --


We have changed the ALCoB School Registration Policy: You do not need to submit the form to the Secretariat. Instead, you are asked to visit the following website: asnet.alcob.org.

The website provides you with School & Project database. 

For more information, you are kindly advised to find the attachment for how to join the platform and how to register your school on it as an official ALCoB school. 

Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know. The person below is ready to gladly assist you.

Myungsun PARK (Mr.)

Senior Program Specialist

Multilateral Cooperation Team

Tel) +82-53-719-2947

Email) pms@alcob.org

-- Previous --


Please find the attachment for the registration form for ALCoB School Network (ASNet).

Registration is open 24/7.

Once you are completed to fill in the form attached, you are kindly advised to send it to the ALCoB Secretariat (any of contacts below). 

Your inquiries are always highly welcome.


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